Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 breaks cover with 8.1 megapixels in tow

Paris who? Sony Ericsson's let yet another one slip out of its fingers before the official announcement, this time around a killer slider said to be the Cyber-shot C905, codenamed "Shiho." If the rumors pan out, it's got one heck of a rap sheet, too, starting off with an 8.1 -- yes, eight point flippin' one -- megapixel camera with both xenon and LED flashes (for still and video capture, respectively), GPS, TV out, DLNA certification, and HSDPA in your choice of European and American flavors. The screen's apparently just QVGA, but in light of everything else we're hearing, we might just be willing to let that slide. It'll apparently be announced on the 17th of the month in gold, silver, and black for a fourth quarter release. Wowza!

[Thanks, Adrian]