AOC launches 22-inch 2230Fh LCD monitor

Shortly after bringing the Envision L42H761 to market, AOC has decided to cater to those looking for something a touch smaller. The 22-inch 2230Fh LCD should work just fine as a computer monitor or bedroom HDTV, provided that you bring your own source of programming. The unit packs a 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 2-millisecond response time, a "glossy piano-black finish," integrated speakers and VGA / DVI / HDMI inputs. Best of all, this thing won't be putting any huge dent in your wallet with its $299.99 sticker. Full release after the jump.


AOC Creates a Digital Cornucopia, Releases 2230Fh Monitor with HDMI, VGA and DVI Inputs for All of Your High-Definition Needs

Flexible HD video for your PC, Games and Movies

Fremont, Calif., June 11, 2008 – Whether purchasing a TV or computer monitor, today's consumers expect nothing short of high-definition performance. Today, AOC brought a new product to the market that allows consumers to have the very best in HD video performance as a monitor or TV with HDMI, VGA and DVI inputs.
AOC's 2230Fh offers full HDTV capabilities, but what makes it unique is the flexibility that comes with having HDMI, VGA and DVI inputs in a sleek and durable 22" frame. The 2230Fh allows HD lovers to have incredible performance for their computers, then simply move the monitor to a desired location and attach it to their TIVO, Gaming system, or Bluray player. With Bluray the 2230Fh provides true HD video with a 20,000 to 1 contrast ratio and also features 2ms ultra fast response time, which is critical for removing ghosting images when being used for games. Additionally, the 2230Fh comes standard with low profile integrated speakers and AOC's easy-to-use proprietary software controlled OSD menu for making audio and video adjustments with a mouse, or directly on the monitor.

"AOC is working hard to create products that take our consumers' needs into account, and this latest product allows consumers to consolidate some of their digital needs with a multi-purpose monitor, but without making any sacrifices on performance and quality," Robert Velez, Marketing Manager of AOC. "The 2230Fh provides stunning picture quality, and unprecedented flexibility its size and extensive input options, all while offering an incredibly user-friendly adjustment interface," added Velez.

Product Spec Highlights:
• PC/Windows, Mac® Equipped With Analog VGA Dsub or DVI Port
• Digital Input DVI-D & HDMI with HDCP*
• Low profile integrated speakers
• Contrast Ratio 20,000:1 (dynamic)
• Plug & Play DDC/2B, DDC/CI
• 2ms ultra fast response time
• Easy-to-use navigation
• 360-degree glossy piano-black finish

"The 2230Fh is really a response to the growing requirements from consumers to want all things digital in HD. AOC customers are able to stay up-to-date and ahead of technology trends, but without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money," added Velez.

The 2230Fh features an MSRP of $299.99.