Barrens Chat: Be careful what you ask for

Megan Harris, who usually does the Barrens Chat comic here at WoW Insider, had a computer breakdown earlier this week, so she wasn't able to get a comic done for you. However, I have always harbored a secret desire to create art (despite my being terrible at it), so I offered to step in and help out, and Megan kindly accepted.

She'll certainly regret it once she's seen what chaos we've wrought. I say we because despite my best efforts, I had a hard time coming up with a comic idea, and it was actually Turpster (he of the WoW Insider Show and his upcoming Dingstravaganza) that came up with the script for this one. I just put a few screenshots together, so all Hunter hate mail goes to him.


I should probably also say thanks to Iscorptix of Fallen Heroes on Cenarius for posing for this, though he made me pay him 10g just to appear in this comic, so he's gotten everything he's going to get from me.

Meanwhile, we're sure Megan will be back as soon as she can. Thanks for reading Barrens Chat, as always, and have a great week!

Barrens Chat is a weekly installment of comic insanity from around Azeroth. Barrens Chat is not edible, and swallowing may cause delirium in small children and the elderly. Barrens Chat is not intended to be used as a flotation device, so please use caution around water. If you are feeling like licking your Draenei friend might be a good idea, I'd suggest against it. Instead, come back next week for another comic.