ASUS Eee PC 901 priced, reviewed

We now have official US pricing for ASUS' new Eee PC lineup. The Eee PC 901 nabs a $599 MSRP for both Linux and Windows XP versions. The pricing for the 1000 and 1000H models is a bit more fluid (read: could change) but is currently pegged at $699 for an Eee PC 1000 (Linux or Windows XP) and $649 for the Windows XP 1000H (H, as in hard disk drive). We'll have to wait and see how that pricing works out for them with MSI's $399 Wind coming later this summer (the $499 XP version in a few days) along side Acer's $400 Aspire One. Oh, and then there's that pesky Dell E-series said to be starting at $299 by the time they ship in August or September. For now you can check the full reviews, which, as you'd expect, see the evolutionary jumps made by the Eee PC 901 universally commended -- especially the 6-cell, 6600mAh battery. Laptop managed to eke-out 4.38-hours (Stuff, well over 5-hours) of life with WiFi turned on -- well short of the 7.8-hours listed by ASUS but much better than previous Eees. Both reviews share our concern: price.

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