Frontline Aerospace shows off "Humvee of the air"

While it looks like it's still quite a ways from actually being in the air, Frontline Aerospace nonetheless seems to have some pretty bold ambitions for its V-STAR unmanned aerial vehicle, which it has dubbed the "Humvee of the air." Like some of the flying car concepts we've seen, the V-STAR (or VTOL-Swift Tactical Aerial Resource) uses a ducted fan design, which promises to give it increased maneuverability in addition to vertical take off and landings, while dual Rolls-Royce Model 250 gas turbines help to propel it along at speeds up to 288 knots with a 400-pound payload. As you might have guessed, the company isn't making any promises as to when we can expect the first test flight, although they have apparently at least done some wind-tunnel tests (presumably on a scale model).

[Via The Register]