NVIDIA unveils second-gen Tesla GPU-based workstation cards

NVIDIA's Tesla GPU-based high-performance computing workstations and add-in cards have been on the market for a whole year now, and to celebrate, they're getting birthday cake, balloons, and an upgrade to GT200-based chipsets. Like AMD's recently-announced FireStream 9250, the new T10P processing units are capable of breaking the teraflop barrier, up from the first gen's paltry 518 GFlops, and they're up to 240 cores from the first gen's 128. You'll have to shell out to get all that horsepower, though: the entry-level, 900GFlops C1060 PCI card will sell for $1699, while the four-GPU 1U S1070 blade will sell for $7995 for two PCIe-interface version or $8295 for the single PCIe connect model. The standalone Tesla workstation has been discontinued, as customers were increasingly buying the cards, so it looks like those are really fast collectors' items for now. So, who's going to be the first to add one of these bad boys to the Engadget Folding@Home team?

[Via Tom's Hardware, thanks Matan]