Xbox 360 avatars, new Guitar Hero 4 gear, and more game rumors abound

A ton of supposedly-leaked pre-E3 game info apparently hit the net today; we'll be directing you to Joystiq for the full skinny, but of particular interest to Engadget readers:

  • It looks like Microsoft might be finding some middleground between Nintendo's Miis and PlayStation 3's Home personages. Dubbed Avatars (above), they appear to literally look like the result of a tawdry tryst between your Home character and your Mii. For shame!

  • That "Lips" project you may have heard about from Microsoft is starting to resemble a Singstar-like "music and singing game," with two wireless, motion-sensitive mics, an online store, and the added ability to sing to music from CDs or MP3s.

  • The Guitar Hero World Tour instrument bundle could go for $180, and might include a "touch-sensitive neck slide" (rockin'). It's going to take more than that to top Rock Band (and Rock Band 2), though.

  • A new Tony Hawk title might just land on Xbox 360 and PS3 with a board-like peripheral (perhaps akin to the Balance Board). We're hoping you'll be able to do more with it than faux-skate.

Of course, all of this is still strictly in the rumor pile, so keep your pants on until we hit up E3 and have a chance to sort the fact from fiction.

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