WRUP: Waiting is the hardest part edition

Seems like we're in a lull for gaming in general, doesn't it? You'd think by now that game companies would realize that the summer months were prime time for gaming, and that we'd get more releases in May, June, and July, but that's not usually the case -- most of the time, releases are crammed into that all-important fourth quarter, so it's feast from September through January, and famine right around now.

So we're waiting to play things instead of playing them this week, whether it be Warhammer, Jumpgate Evolution, Guild Wars 2, or any other upcoming MMO that you just can't wait to play (but have to anyway). Not that there aren't things to do -- you could get ready for the Empyrean Age in EVE, play some more with the original Guild Wars, or visit the Midsummer Fire Festival this weekend (with new Frost Lord boss!) in World of Warcraft. So tell us, dear readers: What aRe yoU Playing lately? Leave a comment below and let us know what you've been up to in the MMO genre.

Around the Massively HQ, Age of Conan is still getting a turn, and Tabula Rasa is experiencing a resurgence of sorts, but as usual, we're playing it all. And waiting. Always waiting, for the next big thing.