Kohjinsha SX-series convertible tablet edges out of UMPC territory

Kohjinsha's cranked out some interesting convertible UMPCs, but the new SX-series pushes the definition about as far as it can go with its chunky looks and packed feature set -- this bad boy is probably even too loaded / expensive to be properly called a netbook. You're looking at an 8.9-inch convertible tablet running Vista on a 1.33GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, a 60GB drive, built-in dual-layer DVD drive, WiFi, Ethernet, dual cameras, ExpressCard/34 slot, VGA out, 1seg tuner, card reader, and 2 USB ports, with a 4.2-hour battery life (8.2 hours with the extended unit), all in a 2.7-pound unit about an inch thick. Available soon in Japan for €650 ($1,000) to €850 ($1240) depending on options, let's hope it follows some of Kohjinsha's other devices to our fair shores.

[Via jkkmobile]