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Montevina-Based Sony VAIO FW, Z, SR, BZ laptops around the bend?

We'll start this by suggesting you take everything from here on out with a healthy dose of salt, but given that Sony has a history of updating its VAIO laptop line in one fell swoop, there's enough credibility here to pass it along. With everyone that hopes to remain relevant in the laptop sector going to Montevina as soon as feasibly possible, it's no shock to hear that Sony's VAIO FW, Z, SR and BZ series units will be making the same leap this summer. Currently, there aren't a whole lot of specifications floating about, but we do know the VGN-FW line will sport an atypical 16.4-inch display while both the VGN-Z and VGN-SR lines check in as subnotes. For a wee bit more on the supposedly forthcoming crew, surf southwest to the read link.

[Via Laptoping]