Palm launches unlocked Centro, gets Google Maps "My Location"

We've seen the Centro in its Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon (to name a few) iterations, but global roamers and free agents of all sorts will be delighted to know that Palm's increasingly popular little smartphone is now available in a delicious unlocked GSM flavor. The device sports all the same specs as AT&T's model, but clocks in with a $299 price tag and plain gray numberpad instead of the telco version's shocking lime green variation. Alongside the carrier-free phone, Centros will also be nabbing a version of Google Maps with its "My Location" feature (long absent from GMaps on Palm phones). Current AT&T and Verizon customers as well as new unlocked owners will be able to download the app tomorrow, with a software update for Sprint later this Summer. Finally, you'll all know where you are.

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