Blackberry Kickstart can't avoid paps, gets photographed yet again

Seriously, RIM, at this point you might as well just announce the Kickstart flip phone and let us officially request something more than EDGE data, because this thing isn't exactly under wraps any more. The latest set of photos by our pal Mr. Blurrycam don't really reveal anything we didn't know apart from confirming that the Kickstart is still something of an ungainly beast -- especially when set down next to the Bold. Oh, and there's the first picture we've seen of the front 160 x 128 LCD display and 2 megapixel camera. Yeah, it looks like just every other flip phone with an external display and a camera -- but if you're a Berryman (or Berrylady), there's a couple more shots at the read link to keep you warm until this thing finally hits.