WWDC '08: Justin Williams and Today 1.2

Second Gear's Justin Williams released Today 1.2, um ... today. Justin (also known for PocketTweets) says he's shooting for a release every month -- just to keep things lively -- but he's managed to pack some big upgrades in despite the tight timeframe. You'll find a few nice UI tweaks and some massive date selection improvements, along with further incorporation of Leopard's own Mail and iCal.

I interviewed Justin at WWDC, and he demonstrated the current-at-the-time incarnation of Today for me, but before I got the video uploaded he'd already added new features and asked if he could send me some updated footage. I took him up on it, and edited together a screencast of the latest update with a conversation from last week. That's right, let's do the time warp (again). Speaking of time warps, I'll have to ask Justin how he got June confused with November ... that'll make more sense after the jump.

[Viddler Link|QuickTime Version]

You can try Today out for free, and license it for $15.