Dell's new Studio laptops in the wild

We got a look at some engineering prototype versions of Dell's new Studio 17 and Studio 15 laptops, so while they might be lacking a minor bit of polish here or there compared to the real versions, Dell certainly had these up and running a good couple months ago. We're not totally blown away by the design, but it's certainly a step in the right direction for Dell, and a few elements (like the hinge) even seem to be taking some cues from Lenovo's ultra-designed IdeaPad line. There's no denying that the Studio 15, with its flush-to-the-edges keyboard strikes a more stunning figure than the slightly bleh Studio 17 version, but neither one is quite as thin as we'd like, and the material doesn't quite shake off the cheap plastic feel of Dell's Inspiron series. But hey, color (and graphic) lid customization is fun, and you're still going to be hard pressed to beat Dell's prices. Pics are below, and we apologize for the blurring: a few unannounced products snuck into the shots, but hopefully we'll be hearing more about those shortly.