Garmin DC 30 GPS dog collar turns hunting into a videogame

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Joshua Fruhlinger
June 26, 2008 11:20 AM
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Garmin DC 30 GPS dog collar turns hunting into a videogame
Garmin DC 30
Here's one for the hunters. Strap the Garmin DC 30 collar onto your hunting dog, fire up your Astro 220 receiver, and you'll not only know where your dog is, but you'll also know if he is running, pointing, or treeing, even in dense cover. Range is good for up to seven miles, and the tracking even covers the dog's direction so you can figure out where that delicious nubbin of turkey is hiding. The receiver can track up to 10 dogs at once, and the collar is good for 17-36 hours on one charge. The DC 30 is sold separately for $199.99 or for $649.99 as part of an Astro 220 combo, and should be available third-quarter 2008.

UPDATE: Garmin was nice enough to send us proper shots of the actual DC 30. Thanks!
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