Samsung Instinct flies off Sprint's shelves at record pace

Looks like Sprint's gargantuan marketing blitz for the Instinct is in the process of paying off, because the carrier has announced that the Samsung device has become its best-selling EV-DO device ever in the first week of availability. Long-term popularity will depend largely on word of mouth as early adopters decide whether they made the right purchase, of course, but it's a promising sign for a company that hasn't had a ton of good news to report lately. They're reporting that the overwhelming popularity has led to shortages in some areas, but go on to assure us that "Samsung has increased efforts to deliver new supplies of Instinct on a daily basis and manufacturing plants are operating at full capacity to keep up with the demand." Here's our question, though: Sprint makes a point of saying that it's their best-selling EV-DO device, so what's their best-selling device regardless of technology -- the Sony Z-100, perhaps, also known as the baddest cellphone of all time?