AirPiano single-handedly redeems air instruments from irrelevancy

With the introduction of the Air Guitar Rocker, we pretty much bid the art of air rockin' adieu. No longer could we slam our belt buckles in an attempt to whammy a downright nasty Bb chord without feeling ashamed. Thanks to the AirPiano, however, imaginary musicians the world over may have one more chance to garner the respect of innocent bystanders. This instrument, which is truthfully more akin to a theremin than a bona fide piano, enables users to emit beautiful tones without ever touching the "keys." It's even smart enough to sustain a note if you hold your hand over a particular area for an extended time. We don't hand out unwarranted props, but we can't help but tip our hats to this one. Head past the break for a video of what we're gushing over.

[Via Hack-A-Day]