Aperion Audio unveils Bravus subwoofers, Intimus loudspeaker line

Aperion Audio may not be a household name in, well, audio, but it's newest offerings sure warrant a look from anyone mildly serious about sound. For starters, the outfit has completely revamped its Intimus loudspeaker line, now offering up nine models across three speaker series. As expected, the entire crew has been voice and timbre matched, and each speaker possesses the same tweeter so that all Intimus units can be mixed and matched to suit your fancy. Since we know a multi-channel system just isn't the same without a dash of low-end, the Bravus subwoofers were also introduced to handle those duties. The 8D, 10D and 12D units pack twin 8-/10-/12-inch subbies with 150/300/500-watts of power behind 'em. As for pricing, expect the new Intimus line to start at around $149 for a bookshelf, while the Bravus line ranges from $499 to $1,099.

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