MSI Wind desktops to hit Europe and Asia in September

It looks like MSI's taking another page from ASUS's Eee playbook -- the Wind netbook is getting a desktop sibling. MSI was actually showing off the Atom-based minitower at Computex last month, and while final specs and pricing aren't official, it sounds like the machine will include Windows XP, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB drive, DVD drive, and WiFi for somewhere between $200 and $300 when it goes on sale sometime in September -- but you'll have to be in Europe or Asia to snag one, as MSI says they won't make it to the US. That's a shame, as the power-sipping machine is pretty intriguing: the 1.6GHz system at Computex was able to play back 720p video using just 30 watts of power -- compared to 242 watts for a normal PC. (MSI says the Wind desktop isn't quite capable of 1080p playback yet, but it hinted that future versions will get there.) Hopefully MSI will have a change of heart between now and September.

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