Netgear's WGR614L Wireless-G router openly plays nice with Tomato / DD-WRT

Although Linux-based Tomato and DD-WRT firmwares work with a plethora of routers, Netgear is getting savvy with its marketing by actually aiming its WGR614L at tweakers who just melt upon hearing either term. The so-called open source Wireless-G router features a 240MHz MIPS32 CPU, 4MB of flash memory, 16MB of RAM, an external 2 dBi antenna and a second internal diversity antenna to enhance range. Additionally, the unit will "soon" support OpenWRT, and there's also four 10/100 Ethernet ports in case you're looking for a bit of wired action as well. Potentially best of all, the WGR614L is available as we speak for a very manageable $69.