ASUS can't help itself, debuts Eee PC 904 HD

As if ASUS's Eee PC line wasn't already crowded enough, the company has now seen fit to debut a new Eee PC 904 HD model in addition to the three other 900-series units that made themselves known only yesterday. Contrary to what you may suspect, however, this particular model doesn't boast a full HD resolution, but rather a standard hard drive in place of a solid state option. Otherwise, it seems you can expect the same 8.9-inch display in 10-inch size casing as the regular 904, although there's unfortunately no word on the size of that hard drive, or any other specs for that matter. ASUS did confirm that it'd be the cheapest model in the new range though, with it coming in at £250 (or just under $500, and no doubt less minus the VAT and whatnot).

[Thanks, Ben]