ASUS confirms intent to drain Eee brand with Eee Monitor

No, no -- this isn't the Eee-branded HDTV. That's another Eee monitor. Seriously ASUS, you deserve some kind of award, nay, banquet to celebrate this crowning achievement. You've single-handedly managed to drive a lust-worthy name six feet below the surface, and now the mere mention of "Eee" just puts us in a foul mood. Nevertheless, we'll attempt to crack something of smile while taking a look at the Eee Monitor, which -- unless that assortment of ports 'round back is completely for show -- isn't just a monitor at all. Rather, this looks to be some sort of all-in-one PC, or a totally fruity docking station at the very least. As with every other ASUS product, there's no pricing or release information coming until who knows when, but you can burn the Eee logo even deeper into your brain by checking out the gallery in the read link below.