Palm-sized lab could detect food-borne diseases

There are literally entire stores devoted to devices that detect drink spiking (okay, maybe not stores), but what about those of us concerned over food-borne pathogens? A crew of European researchers are addressing said worries by "creating one of only two prototype systems in the world that prepare samples and perform DNA tests on bacteria in a portable, easy-to-use and cost-effective chip." Essentially, the EU-funded OptoLabCard project is aiming to concoct a small, disposable laboratory that humans could carry around and use to detect diseases such as campylobacter and salmonella before ingesting contaminated grub. Team members are suggesting that a commercial product could be ready to roll within three years, with prices for each "lab" reaching as low as $0.50. 'Til then, always make your buddy have the first bite.

[Via Physorg]