Modder aims to turn Eee PC into e-book reader

Eee PC mods are already nearly as plentiful as actual Eee PC variations these days, and it looks like you can now add one more fairly ambitious one to the mix, with Australian modder Bismar aiming to turn the humble netbook into an e-book reader that he's dubbed the Tabeee MK 1. While it's still far from finished, as you can see from the pics available at the read link below, he is making some steady progress, and he's even going so far as to incorporate a touchscreen mod. Of course, the screen itself still won't exactly stand up to a dedicated e-book reader, but Bismar seems to think the cost savings will be worth the trade-off. Also, you can ignore the date stamp above -- while Bismar seems to know his way around a heat gun, it seems he's yet to master the ins and outs of digital camera settings.

[Via GottaBeMobile]