Panasonic's Toughbook CF-U1 gets reviewed

While Panny's Toughbook CF-U1 looks mighty novel, is it really worth the cost to have it added to your gadget collection? For those who've never quite been able to wrap their noodle around the whole UMPC concept, TrustedReviews bets that you'll be able to overlook this one without losing any sleep. All in all, the CF-U1 seemed to make the best of an awkward situation by excelling at tasks that would likely take place in everyday field work, but the average joe / jane may want to see one in person before buying blind. Yeah, hot-swappable batteries, an Atom CPU and a full QWERTY keypad are lovely additions, but if you've never needed a UMPC before (let alone one built for extreme scenarios), you aren't apt to gain a whole lot from owning this one. Hit the read link for the full spill.