Apogee Duet: BREAKOUT box simplifies connections

Generally speaking, folks who sprung for Apogee's Duet have been pleased with the performance, but as we learn each and every week, there's nothing that can't be improved upon. Take the Duet's factory breakout cable, for instance. Sure, it provides a plethora of connection options, but it also creates a rat's nest in no time flat. Thankfully, a few engineering souls decided to take matters into their own hands, create a much better alternative, and then offer the thing up for sale for the lazy folks (read: us) on the outside. The duet:BREAKOUT box provides one simple box-to-Duet connection, after which you can run XLR / 1/4" cables straight to the ultra-rugged accessory. Get yours now with 1/4" or RCA outputs for $100 apiece.