New information on LotRO: Mines of Moria

Lord of the Rings Online's Book 14 hasn't even released yet, and already we're getting previews of their first paid expansion: Mines of Moria. In a recent interview with Jeffrey Steefel, the folks at Total PC Gaming were able to squeeze out some new info on Mines of Moria, including the top question on everyone's mind: Will we fight the Balrog?

Of course the answer is yes. How many global protests would erupt if players discovered they wouldn't have the opportunity to fight the mighty Balrog? Not only that, the Mines promise to be much more than were shown in the movie. Considering the fact that Forochel was created from a few paragraphs of Tolkien's work, Moria should be an amazing experience. Be sure to read the entire interview for more of Steefel's take on what Moria will bring and just how much further we still have to explore in Middle-earth.