'Official' iPhone firmware 2.0 now available for download, seriously, for real

So yesterday we posted a link to a version of the 2.0 iPhone firmware which was supposedly the release version of the new system software. After getting weirded out by some buggy behavior, then discovering that there were number differences between our version and the version shipping with new iPhone 3Gs, we got a little suspicious. Today, we noticed that the file which Apple made available for upgraders via iTunes sported a slimmer file size and separate designation (1,1 as opposed to the 1,2 of the previous iteration). The new version (supposedly the "official" version) is now available from Apple's servers -- so if you had any misgivings about that initial update, you can snag this and get a do-over. We've updated and restored on our phone, and we'll be honest -- it does seem a little bit snappier. Hit the read link for the file, and let us know if you notice any differences.

[Via MacRumors]