Rumor: Motus Games' Darwin is Xbox 360's motion controller

Here we go. Various outlets today began redirecting readers to Motus Games' page, who have been working on Darwin, a Wii remote-like motion controller that doesn't need an infrared sensor bar to work. The device is slated to come out at the end of the year for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Of course, we've known about Darwin ... since February, so why is this coming out now?

As far as we can tell at the moment, the Xbox 360 connection can be summed up like this:

We're not denying the possibility that Darwin is, erm, Newton, but we're not sure what, if any, revelations have come out in the last four months. (Microsoft, if you recall, has a definite deal with Qmotion over active gaming controllers.) So for now, sit back, relax, print out your bingo card and wait for Monday's press conference.
Update: We've placed Motus' video demos after the break.
[Via X3F]