WRUP: Pre-E3 edition

'Tis the week before E3, and all through the house... developers are announcing major cuts to their upcoming games? Sad news about Warhammer aside, it is Friday, and so it's time once again, readers, to ask what you're up to in the vast world of virtual worlds: What aRe yoU Playing?

Those of us headed to E3 will be playing a little game called "navigate the airport" this weekend, but hopefully next week we'll have some good looks for you at some of the newest MMO announcements to hit the block (and you don't even have to wait for some of them -- we've already got a great look at Stargate Worlds). In the meantime, you could head right back into EvE Online (Colin did), or find your place in City of Heroes (in there among all the buffs and nerfs). And if the Warhammer news has got you down, as it does our own Kyle Horner, at least there's the old, comfy blanket of WoW to wrap yourself up in.

What are you playing this weekend? And since we're off to LA next week, what kind of games are you looking to hear about at the show? Personally, I really hope to get some hands-on time (or at least see an announcement of) the Animal Crossing MMO -- I think it's just the thing I'd be looking for in terms of a casual yet addictive MMO. How about you?