iPhone 3G: The Waiting Game: Part II: Redux

If you hadn't heard, hundreds of people were turned away from Apple Stores last night, iPhone 3G-less. However, being gluttons for punishment -- and having nothing to do over the weekend -- they've returned in droves to Apple Stores, with reports of lines longer than 200 people stretching out from The Cube, Apple Store Chicago (pictured) and even a store in Durham, NC. Apple offered up vouchers last night, at least at some stores, to anyone still waiting in line, so those folks can show up whenever and jump the line for a phone -- about 30 of them are lined up at The Cube currently. If you don't mind you can let us know in tips what the current status on the line / stock is at your local Apple or AT&T store is, and we'll try to keep track of this mayhem through the weekend. Good luck out there!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this stuff in]