Massively plays conference-wide MMO bingo

Massively plays conference-wide MMO bingo

AoC is Huge!

Firefly MMO News

No BioWare MMO News

MMOs the Future of PC Gaming

Red 5 Announces Their Game

Consoles are the Future of MMOs

"We're not after WoW Numbers"

Animal Crossing: the MMO

Free Realms

Microtransactions - Future of MMOs

Guild Wars 2 Info

Cryptic's Star Trek Online

Free Space

The Agency Info

Secret World Info

DirectX 10 Compatible!

Social Tools the Future of MMOs

Champions Online Info

APB Info


Free to Play the Future of MMOs

Valve MMO Announced

38's Copernicus Unveiled

Carbine's Game Announced

Turbine's Next Project

In anticipation of next week's E3 Media and Business Summit, we've prepared bingo cards for each of the big press conferences and some general topics. All are filled with some likely (and some not-so-likely) predictions for what the console makers and genre developers are going to be rolling out at this year's trade show.

Massively multiplayer games are bigger than ever, and so the folks at have put together this handy guide to what we might see ... and what we might not see. This card reads like a 'who's who' of upcoming MMOs, so if you don't know who Red 5 Studios are, or didn't know that Curt Schilling's game is code-named Copernicus this is the bingo card for you. Click on through the images for their full predictions.

(Also: check out all our press conference bingo cards, including some for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony!)