Apogee site reveals Duke Nukem Trilogy details

The Apogee website has been updated with a few more details regarding Duke Nukem Trilogy, which was announced today. Both the DS and the PSP will be getting versions of the game, which will each offer "a totally different gaming experience on each system while staying true to the storyline." The three chapters, Critical Mass, Chain Reaction and Proving Ground will be released sequentially, starting Summer 2009. Almost certainly before Duke Nukem Forever sees the light of day.

Other various tidbits are included on the website and give a very vague idea of what to expect, such as 3D graphics and multiplayer gameplay. We still have no idea how Duke Nukem Trilogy will play, but we're expecting to see something like the sidescrollers of the early 90s. Hopefully Apogee will release some screenshots soon so we can see exactly what they have in mind.