Duke Nukem killing his way to a new trilogy [updated]

The word "badass" means many things to many people. It could be an idea, a concept, a frame of mind. It could be the way Reggie Fils-Aime talks. So many definitions, each of them slightly incorrect. The only universally accepted definition of "badass" can be summed up in one name: Duke Nukem.

Apogee Software is kicking into gear and throwing three hard-fightin' missions together in one package, known as the Duke Nukem Trilogy. We had an inkling that Duke would be arriving sometime soon, and it probably wasn't going to be some port of Duke Nukem 3D. The press release is annoyingly light on the details, merely making the announcement and philosophical tirades about "what's old is new again."

Does this mean the Trilogy will be just a collection of the old 2D shooters, or perhaps a batch of new levels? Apogee isn't telling, or they're being extremely hazy about it. We'll let you know, because the Duke must be acknowledged in all his forms.

Update: Turns out Apogee is telling just a little bit. On their official website, a few details have surfaced about the three missions in the Trilogy: Critical Mass, Chain Reaction and Proving Grounds. The game features 9 worlds, 36 levels, 3D "accelerated" graphics and 3D characters. Meaning, it'll probably be a side-scroller, but it'll look snazzy. Nothing wrong with that at all. Finally, we can look forward to five different styles of gameplay, a multiplayer component and "Total Ass-Kicking Weapons." Right on!

[Via press release]