Intel unleashes the Centrino 2 -- finally

Just when we were about to forget about you, Centrino 2, here you come with your efficient bad self. Intel finally announced the new 802.11 Wi-Fi, integrated graphics-packing mobile platform after delays related to the wireless tech. Centrino 2 will come in two varieties: one for consumers and the vPro platform for the briefcase crew. The chipset can be configured for gamers, using a discrete graphics chip rather than the integrated set, if that's your thing. Of most import (or amusement) is Intel's HUGI (Hurry Up and Get Idle), which it says is the tech behind the Centrino 2's uber-efficiency -- faster speeds mean less time spent doing stuff, of course. It notes that the tech allows for an entire Blu-Ray disc to be played back for two hours on one battery charge. Finally, Intel promises a WiMax version this fall, so if you have the patience, you may want to wait for that barring further delays.