Microsoft details other 360 improvements, including hard drive game installs

Microsoft sure had itself a doozy of a press conference this year, but there's still more in store for Xbox 360 users than what was detailed during the keynote. First off, with the upcoming update, Microsoft will let users store and play back games from their hard drives. You'll have to have the disc in your drive for piracy reasons, but it won't be spinning during game play, which means quieter gaming and quicker load times (and more 60GB sales, we thinks, how convenient). Next up, Microsoft will let users make Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases on the web, which are then automatically downloaded to your 360 for your enjoyment when you get home -- or walk across the room. The old "blades" Dashboard interface will be moved to the new Xbox Guide, which will provide a quick way to access everything on your 360. Finally, the 360 will support the 16:10 aspect ratio over VGA or HDMI, and work in 1440 X 900 and 1680 X 1050 resolutions.