Centrino 2 laptop parade continues as Samsung throws out a few

It's almost over folks -- at least, that's what we're continuing to tell ourselves. Anyways, Sammy has decided to follow in the footsteps of practically everyone else in the laptop realm by revealing a few newcomers over in South Korea. Granted, we already knew that a few of these were coming, but now we've got actual units with Photoshopped screen savers to prove their existence. Ready? Let's go. We've got the Centrino 2-based 12.1-inch Q210, 13.1-inch Q310, 14.1-inch R460, 15.4-inch R510 / R560 and 17-inch R710 on the consumer side, while the P210, P460, P461, P510 and P560 make up the business crowd. A few more lovely images are waiting in the read link, though no price / release dates accompany them.

[Thanks, Khattab]