E308: Jim Lee talks about DC Universe Online at Sony's press conference

Jim Lee has just appeared on the stage at Sony's press conference here at E3 to talk about Sony Online's upcoming DC Universe Online title. He kicked off his presentation by doing a one-handed pushup (the press conference is going down on the same state that Jack Palance did his famous pushup on), and it only got more exciting from there.

Lee told the audience that that creating the MMO based around the DC Comics universe is a dream for him -- not only did he grow up reading comics, but he's also a big Everquest fan -- he was the first Paladin to get a Firey Avenger. He also said that the game will allow players to create their own superhero and/or supervillian, and then fight alongside some of DC's finest -- against the Joker with Batman, or pull a Bane and help all the bad guys break out of Arkham.

Lee also showed off a bit of art from the game, featuring Batman (seen above), Superman, and the Green Lantern taking out baddies in a colorful landscape. We'll keep an eye out for more DCUO info when we speak with Sony later today.

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