OCZ announces Centrino 2-based "whitebook" reference design for rebranders

All the big names might have gotten their Centrino 2 lappies out the door today, but there hasn't been much action from the shady rebranders and fly-by-night system builders we love so dearly -- good thing OCZ is here with its Centrino 2-based OCZNBIM17A "whitebook" reference design. Get ready to see this bad boy appear in the back of vans everywhere with random company names on it -- you'll recognize the 17-inch laptop's boxy shape and available X9100 Core 2 Extreme processor, or perhaps the dual CrossFire-capable graphics slots with HDMI output will tip you off. Pricing will vary wildly depending on how various system builders configure this thing, but we've got a feeling generic doesn't mean cheap when it comes to this particular machine.