Maingear prepping mammoth Centrino 2-based eX-L gaming laptop

For those who won't even glance in the general direction of a gaming laptop unless it weighs in at 12+ pounds, you'll probably be unable to take your retinas off of Maingear's forthcoming beast. Word on the street has it that the aptly-titled eX-L will posses a potent 3.06GHz Core 2 Extreme X9100 CPU, which will predictably be overclocked by an undisclosed amount. Graphically, we're told to expect a couple of ATI GPUs or a single NVIDIA unit, while the 17-inch display, built-in speakers (with subwoofer) and 802.11n WiFi are pretty much par for the course. Pricing and availability details are still being withheld, but it sounds like this one won't be coming your way cheap.