Anodos shows off FED-based, internet-connected set-top display

FED technology may not have exactly caught on for use with TVs just yet, but Japan's Anodos looks set to bring it into living rooms in its own little way in the form of an internet-connected set-top box. Dubbed the "Anobar", it'll give you a 640 x 94 resolution with which to view the headlines and low res images of your choice, along with a more than capable VIA C7-M under the hood, and Windows XP Embedded running the show. You'll even apparently be able to get real-time comments about the show you're watching courtesy of 2channel's discussion forums. Unfortunately, in its current prototype form, all of that added up to hefty ¥200,000 (or $1,900), and the researchers say that they're going to have to get it down to ¥30,000 ($280) or less before they make a go at selling it to the general public, which could take a little while. For now, you can get a taste of what might be in store courtesy of the video after the break.

[Via Engadget Japanese]