Bandai boldly introduces Smart Berry: the portable chat handheld for girls

We're guessing the naming scheme here was quite intentional, though we'll be the first to say Bandai's Smart Berry has very, very little in common with RIM's stockpile of handsets. Nevertheless, this "mobile communicator" joins the small crowd of other tween-centric chat handhelds with wireless capabilities that enable four of these things to talk to one another "for email, chat and online games within a 10-meter diameter." For whatever reason, messages are limited to 64 characters (and you thought SMS was bad...), and in case that little tidbit grows increasingly frustrating, there's a virtual pet on board to take your mind to a more blissful place. Sure, we can see younger gals being entertained by this for a few weeks or so, but the ¥10,290 ($96) price tag just seems a bit outrageous, particularly when you consider the lack of a color screen. Yeah, for real.