Duke Nukem Trilogy for PSP 'more mature, more hardcore'

Despite the ... unique trailer featuring logos dancing around, Apogee insists they won't screw up the ultimate badass' return in the upcoming Duke Nukem Trilogy games. Terry Nagy, CEO of Apogee Software, gave some details about the newest outing of the Duke on the PSP. He started off by stressing immediately that the game will be out for summer 2009, unlike a certain other Duke Nukem game.

With the trilogy, Apogee's plan is to have "another Duke game ... on the store shelves as the first one is starting to fall off the shelves." The first game Critical Mass will take place in the future, so the player will have "really cool futuristic weapons" at his disposal. Chain Reaction is set in current times while Proving Ground has Duke traveling back into the past to 1945 as "the Forrest Gump of World War II" and using "period-style weapons." Finally, Nagy reveals that the PSP version is "more mature, more hardcore of gamer, third-person, first-person, top-down scroller type of stuff" and that it is aiming for a Mature rating, as opposed to a Teen rating on the DS.

We aren't too optimistic about this game, but then again we've seen basically nothing. Either way, we would avoid the DS version, not because we are fanboys at all, but because Duke himself would never be caught dead playing a Teen game.

[Thanks, David B.!]