Samsung's IFA lineup of HDTVs emerges

Mmm, IFA. The Berlin-based trade show is drawing near, and Samsung isn't waiting around to tease us with what will be unveiled there. The company is already showcasing a number of swank flat-panels including the 7 Series (46-inch LE-46A780 and 40-inch LE-40A780), 9 Series (46-inch LE-46A950) and 7 Series plasma (50-inch PS-50A750). We're also noticing a number of HTIB systems along with a few other components we're sure to take interest in, but the whole German language thing is a bit of a barrier right now. Nevertheless, tap the (roughly) translated links below for specifications on the aforesaid HDTVs, and look for more details (read: information in English) to emerge as the expo approaches.

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