WRUP: The news is out edition

Lots of terrific MMO and game news broke this week, thanks to the big E3 event here in LA (we're still wrapping up here at the temporary Joystiq/Massively HQ -- we're still a little shell-shocked from learning how awesome our readers are last night at the meetup). And our question today is: is any of it driving you back to play an MMO game? As we ask every Friday, E3 or otherwise, What aRe yoU Playing?

You might have missed it in all the chaos -- Star Wars announced some new loot cards, so maybe you're headed back into Galaxies. Or maybe you're playing Age of Conan and excited about learning some patch timeframes? Or maybe you just wish you were playing DC Universe Online -- we sure wish we were.

So what are you up to in the world of MMOs this weekend? Leave a comment below, and let us know what virtual worlds you're visiting.