All-in-one PCs and internet TV to invigorate HTPC market, says study

Hot on the heels of our own poll asking you dear readers your opinion on HTPCs comes a new report from ABI Research asserting that all-in-one PCs and internet TV functionality "will fuel the nascent home theater PC market." More specifically, it's reported that more and more companies are cranking out compacted machines "with rich multimedia capabilities to appeal to new usage models around the home." Additionally, internet TV functionality packed within HDTVs is touted as something that could be "the next evolutionary plateau," although we -- and Mark Cuban, comically enough -- would beg to differ. All in all, it's tough to say what place an HTPC still has in the market (save for the niche that simply prefers a full-fledged PC in the living room), but integrating all of that functionality into an existing living room component won't be the easiest task.