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Microsoft launching SideWinder X6 keyboard this fall?

Microsoft launching SideWinder X6 keyboard this fall?
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|July 19, 2008 1:53 AM

Say, is this a Microsoft SideWinder-branded keyboard? Looks like it might just be. It looks like it'll go by the name of SideWinder X6, and feature a detachable numeric keypad, programmable keys, and "cruise control" (don't quote us, this is from a translation) which emulates a steady keypress. It'll run $80 in September -- that is, if this doesn't just turn out to be pure rumor.

[Thanks, Husar]

Update: Reader RainMotorsports points out that the side profile looks, well, unconvincing. Certainly right, especially when you ask yourself where those giant knobs went. Hey, we never said this was a sure thing!
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