Kinesis makes its keyboards even more ergonomic with new accessories

As if a keyboard split down the middle wasn't enough, Kinesis has now rolled out a pair of new accessories that promise to make its Freestyle keyboards, including the Solo (pictured above), even more ergonomic -- or, if you desire, even less so. Those include the Freestyle V3 accessory, which clips onto the base of the keyboard and gives you three different slope settings, and the Freestyle Ascent Multi-tent, which'll let you independently set each keying module in ten degree increments all the way up to 90 degrees, and lock 'em in at the desired distance apart from one another. If that sounds like the solution your wrists have been looking for, you can apparently grab both of 'em now, with the V3 running $25 and the Ascent setting you back a hefty $200 -- the Solo keyboard itself demands an even $100.

[Via BIOS]