Sony said to be prepping PSP-3000 with built-in mic

There may not have been any word of a new PSP out of E3 as some had suspected, but it looks Sony may have a bit of a late surprise for us, at least if these tantalizing pics from PSPChina are to be believed. Apparently, this new PSP-3000 model remains mostly unchanged from the current PSP-2000, with the notable addition of a built-in microphone and a somewhat less notable PlayStation button in place of the usual Home button. As you can see in the picture after the break, the signature steel ring on the back of the PSP also appears to have been trimmed a bit (there's a pic of the inside of the case as well, for the curious). Not exactly the DS Lite sort of upgrade that'd make everyone ditch their old PSPs to be sure but, as we've seen with the PSP-2000, it would be about par for the course for Sony.

[Via Joystiq, Khattab]