Wrath boss names revealed in Achievements

Wowhead recently went live with their database of all the Achievements currently in the Wrath beta. Among those Achievements is one for clearing each dungeon and raid currently in Wrath. Each Achievement lists its requirements for completion, so what does that mean? We now know the names of all the dungeon bosses (as well as a little from the raids)! Everything placed after the cut for those who want to avoid spoilers.

All names of bosses are in the order and spelling that Blizz put them in the Achievements (unless I make a transcription error). Dungeon names are in alphabetical order. Note that data may be incorrect or incomplete, as well as subject to change, due to the fact that this information is from the beta.

Note also that some achievements are only to kill a certain boss, and not to clear an entire instance, which explains why some instances only list one boss.



Clearly they haven't gotten many of the raids into the data files yet, but that's not too surprising; it makes sense for endgame content to be made at the end.